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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Five Different Communities, Three Similar Issues

UCSOND visited five new communities in Jomoro district to hear about the issues they were facing in connection to the blooming Oil and Gas industry. Three issues stood out. This week representatives from UCSOND visited the five communities: Effasu, Mangyea, Egbazo, Takinta and Kablansuazo, to hear about which issues the community members were facing in […]

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Nursery in Kikam Needs Financial Support

At the Community Nursery and Library in Kikam, the children are sleeping on the concrete floor while using questionable toilet facilities. There is not enough money to pay the teachers and maintain the buildings. The CEO of UCSOND made a donation to help the nursery, but a lot more help is needed. It was a […]

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Planning the Next Four Years

At a public hearing in Takoradi, the Sekundi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly asked for inputs and comments from the public on the new Medium Term Development Plan. All chairs were occupied in the conference room at the Melody Hotel. Outside you could hear the vibrant sound of the streets of Takoradi in the mid day heat as […]

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Community Perception means a lot in the Process of Development

It was a very positive experience when UCSOND and two members of the Shama District Assembly visited the community of Fawomanye. The whole community was united and eager to make an effort for the development of the community. Most of the community members of Fawomanye were gathered under the small shed trying to avoid the […]

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