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UCSOND Donates PPEs to Vulnerable People and Households in the Three Nzema Districts to Fight COVID-19 Spread

UCSOND Donates PPEs to Vulnerable People and Households in the Three Nzema Districts to Fight COVID-19 Spread

Hand washing hygiene has become a daily routine especially in this Covid-19 era. As part of the protocols to curb the spread of Covid-19 like wild fire, a lot of emphasis has been placed on hand washing hygiene. Citizens consider hand washing as daily ritual. All MMDAs in the country have urged their citizens to wash hands under running water to stop the spread of the corona virus.

It now begs the question of how citizens across the length and breadth of the country practice hand washing easily without obstacles. Citizens are ready to comply with the Covid-19 safety protocols but the unavailability of hand washing stations in all communities and households make the achievement of this noble objective a mirage.

Communities and households in Ghana have their alms in the air seeking support from government and philanthropists. Many communities have benefitted from donations by philanthropists and government but a lot more households and communities cannot boast of any such kind gesture. Minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days and days into weeks and months yet there is no sign of a rescue mission in these vulnerable communities.

UCSOND, an NGO headquartered in Axim whose vision is to advocate for the rights of people responded to the Covid-19 fight. UCSOND donated basic Personal Protective Equipment (Hand Washing Stations, Liquid Soaps, Hand Sanitizers and Nose Marks) to Nzema East, Ellembelle and Jomoro Assemblies. UCSOND recognizing the vulnerability status of communities and Households within these three municipalities strategically went to their aid by donating the following relief items: 60 Hand Washing Stations ( hand washing buckets, receptacles, dustbins), 1,000 Nose Marks, 400 Hand Sanitizers, 1,500 Liquid Soaps (750mls), 150 Tissue Rolls and 900 IE&C Materials for awareness creation.

Receiving the items on behalf of the Nzema East Assembly, the Municipal Coordinating Director was joyful for the items given them. He said he can now heave a big sigh of relief as the unserved communities would see the light of day. “I can now serve the unserved communities with the additional items received from UCSOND. The Gwira enclave would be tackled head on and put a stop to the corona virus rearing its ugly face in the area”. He reiterated that the presentation would go a long way to complement government’s efforts at fighting the corona virus.

Apart from the donations to the Assembly, UCSOND distributed PPEs to some identifiable vulnerable persons and households within the three MMDAs. About 20 households each identified in each of the three MMMDAs received the Covid-19 relief items. These vulnerable households included Female Headed Households, Persons with Disability Households and Households headed by the Aged.

In Nzema East Municipality, Madam Joyce expressed her happiness for the presentation and thanked UCSOND for the support. She said “UCSOND has consistently shown love and care for the less privileged. Even in these difficult times, UCSOND has once again demonstrated that it cares about the vulnerable. We appreciate the gesture shown us and as Oliver Twist would say, we ask for more, she remarked”.

Upon receiving the items on behalf of the PWDs Association in Half Assini, Mr. Kwasi Owusu Nsiah, a PWD and secretary of the PWD Association expressed gratitude for the support offered him and his colleagues by UCSOND. He thanked the organisation on behalf of his constituents and assured that the items would be put to proper use. Madam Esther Nyameke, a member of the association also shared her joy for benefitting from UCSOND’s kind gesture. She said “the hand washing stations would enable us to freely wash our hands without going through the hustles we experience every day. We are grateful to UCSOND for the relief items and pray for them to transcend beyond their boundaries”.

The gesture was intended for these households and individuals to observe effective hand washing hygiene, apply alcohol-based hand sanitizers and wear nose marks so as to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 in their communities.

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