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UCSOND Access Bank Partnership

The United Civil Society Organizations for National Development (UCSOND) has landed a one (1) year partnership agreement with Access Bank to implement the LIVEBETA Project within its operational areas. The agreement was for UCSOND to form Village Savings Loans Association/ Groups and link them up with Access Bank’s LIVEBETA Product to increase their customer base and also announce their presence in the three Nzema MMDAs.

As part of preparation for the implementation of the project, a 3 day training programme/ workshop was organised for staff of UCSOND to sharpen their skills in Village Savings and Loans mobilisation. The training was facilitated by Mr.Noel who is well known for his exploits and prowess when it comes to the management, monitoring and supervision of VSLAs in Ghana. 

The training also saw the participation of 2 new Staff of UCSOND who were brought on board to help implement the LIVEBETA Project. The workshop was organised in Esiama from 26-28th August, 2020 at the Wantampa Hotel.

The training touched on salient areas such as the mode of operation of VSLAs, membership and constitution of VSLAs, shares buying and loans acquisition among others.

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