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To reach sustainable citizen satisfaction through citizens’ participation


To mobilize and empower civil society organisations to demand for accountability and transparency in the governance of natural resources and public service delivery

Objectives of UCSOND:

UCSOND exists as the mouth-piece of citizens in the 6 Coastal Districts in the Western Region impacted by oil and gas extraction in matters of natural resource governance, and public service delivery. UCSOND is committed to the satisfaction of the citizens in these communities through ensuring their participation in dialogue and decision making processes affecting them; through:

  • Enhancing our institutional and organisational capacity in order to implement more effectively the various programmes of UCSOND to support UCSOND’s constituencies.
  • Improving our capacity to document our successes, challenges and processes to support our advocacy campaign.
  • Promoting the empowerment of socially excluded persons.
  • Broadening and strengthening our visibility as a strategic local and regional resource/partner.
  • Enhancing / expanding / improving our education and community programs.
  • Growing in membership.
  • Providing for the long-term financial stability of UCSOND


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