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UCSOND’S Broad Strategic Framework for the next 3 years (2012-2014)   arrow

Strategic Objective
To   revive the principles and spirit of self-reliance and civic responsibility in   UCSOND civic unions.
To   institutionalize the culture of civic participation across the districts of   the Western Region.
To   extend UCSOND’s influence to the regional and national level.

Provide   civic unions with compelling reason to be self-reliant.
Replicate   civic union model in the 4 other districts of the Western Region.
Create   an NGO as a structure to carry out advocacy, capacity-building and   fund-raising in support of W/R civic union and community concerns.

Expected Outcomes
Civic   unions in Ellembele and Nzema East develop into vibrant, active,   self-financing unions, energized by a civic responsibility.Vibrant,   active civic unions established in all 6 districts of the Western Region.“UCSOND”   becomes a registered brand/trademark with recognized value and goodwill.

An   NGO, owned by W/R civic unions, and bearing the UCSOND trade name is   established and functioning.

Capacity   needs of W/R civic unions are fully addressed by the UCSOND NGO.

Advocacy   issues generated at civic union level are carried on to regional and national   levels and acted upon.

Healthy   balance between internal generation of funds and use of external funds   achieved in W/R civic unions.

For each objective, specific activities will be developed out of the related strategy. Indicators of the achievement of each objective will be developed out of the expected outcomes














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