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Author Archives: Benedicte Kjær

A Better Future

In villages of the western part of Ghana, the former profitable fishing is now making the fishermen and their families suffer. It is not easy to make sufficient income when the Jubilee oilrig, climate changes and pollution are decreasing the number of fish in the ocean. These conditions which are occurring over all the coastal […]

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Community Meeting in Tiboko 2

The speakers on top of a green shag is letting everybody know, that representatives from UCSOND are in town and that the people of the village should come to the Community Center immediately. UCSOND is visiting the community of Tikobo 2 to work out an action plan for the community and to find out what […]

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When There Is No Way Out

The conditions of the roads in Ellembelle district is a huge problem, but when the community members try to speak up to Ghana Gas, they only receive false promises and quick unsustainable stich-ups The sky is grey above us and the soil we are standing on is wet. It is supposed to be a road, […]

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Uniting and Equipping Civic Groups For Good Governance

The coalition of platforms is the highest decision making body of UCSOND. It consists mostly of seven executive members of each of the six civic unions of the six coastal districts namely: Jomoro, Ellembelle, Nzema East, Ahanta West, STM and Shama. Major decisions of the organisation are taken at such meetings. On the 14th and […]

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