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Category Archives: Education

Nursery in Kikam Needs Financial Support

At the Community Nursery and Library in Kikam, the children are sleeping on the concrete floor while using questionable toilet facilities. There is not enough money to pay the teachers and maintain the buildings. The CEO of UCSOND made a donation to help the nursery, but a lot more help is needed. It was a […]

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Community Perception means a lot in the Process of Development

It was a very positive experience when UCSOND and two members of the Shama District Assembly visited the community of Fawomanye. The whole community was united and eager to make an effort for the development of the community. Most of the community members of Fawomanye were gathered under the small shed trying to avoid the […]

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Youth Unemployment Destroys Community

In Apataim there are no jobs for the youth when they have finished their education. This means that a most of the young population are unemployed, while some are forced to leave the community in search for a job elsewhere. »ADYA!« shouts Erskine Benyanzor while he stands up to address his fellow community members. The […]

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A Better Future

In villages of the western part of Ghana, the former profitable fishing is now making the fishermen and their families suffer. It is not easy to make sufficient income when the Jubilee oilrig, climate changes and pollution are decreasing the number of fish in the ocean. These conditions which are occurring over all the coastal […]

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