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Category Archives: Oil and Gas

Diabene: Not benefitting from the oil- and gas industry

In Western Region the oil and gas industry is booming these years. The oil production began a couple of years ago and in January the gas is scheduled to start running through the pipelines. The discovery of the oilfields in 2007 made everyone optimistic about the future of Ghana, and there were great expectations that […]

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Five Different Communities, Three Similar Issues

UCSOND visited five new communities in Jomoro district to hear about the issues they were facing in connection to the blooming Oil and Gas industry. Three issues stood out. This week representatives from UCSOND visited the five communities: Effasu, Mangyea, Egbazo, Takinta and Kablansuazo, to hear about which issues the community members were facing in […]

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No Compensation for Lost Land

Many farmers have lost their lands due to the construction of a big gas pipeline in Ellembelle District. Most of them still have not received any compensation from Ghana Gas. Antony Nyame draws an invisible line with his finger, as he points out, where his land used to be. He clearly remembers the day, when […]

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When There Is No Way Out

The conditions of the roads in Ellembelle district is a huge problem, but when the community members try to speak up to Ghana Gas, they only receive false promises and quick unsustainable stich-ups The sky is grey above us and the soil we are standing on is wet. It is supposed to be a road, […]

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