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     Contact us: +233-24-212-8672
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Contact UCSONDThank you for your interest in UCSOND’s programmes and activities. It’s important to us to be available to the people we serve, current and potential partners, and the public.

Please use the following contact information to connect with UCSOND.

Office Location:
Premises of Fishermen Cooperative Center
Victoria Park, Axim.
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Postal Address: Post Office Box 25, Axim, Ghana

Telephone Numbers: +233-24-212-8672 / +233-20-823-2631 / +233-24-476-6364

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Interactive Map

Below is an interactive Google map with directions to UCSOND’s office located at Axim in the Western Region of Ghana. Use the controls lat the upper-left corner of the map to zoom in, zoom out, and navigate around the map. The plus (+) zooms in, the minus (-) sign zooms out, and the four arrows (up, down, left, right) will help you move in the desired direction.